Lord Dattatreya the Universal Guru

 Lord Dattatreya is the Unity Symbol of Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva. Dattatreya Avatar is depicted with three faces representing the above ‘Trinity’. Sri Dattatreya is a glorious divine blend of the Supreme knowledge of Brahma, mental acumen of Vishnu for protecting people and the great power of destruction from Lord Shiva to annihilate bad things from the world.

The Trinity (Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva) are in charge of Creation, Preservation and Destruction. Dattatreya Avatar is depicted with three faces representing the above ‘trinity’ and six arms carrying a Spear, Conch and Disc, besides Japa Mala, small Drum and holy jar, thus, unifying the symbols of the ‘trinity’. Besides, Sri Dattatreya is a glorious divine blend of the Supreme knowledge of Brahma, mental acumen of Vishnu for protecting people and the great power of destruction from Lord Shiva to annihilate bad things from the world. He took his abode in Sahya Mountain and later, at Himalayas at Atreya Mountain. There is a cave even today which is called Datta’s Cave in Himalayas, once used by Sri Dattatreya, which is being frequented by saints for doing their penance even today.

Birth of Lord Dattatreya

Sage Athri was the spiritual son of Lord Brahma, the Creator. He married Anasuya. Sage Athri and Anasuya did not get progeny in spite of their long married life. Sage Athri entered into a great penance to get a boon from Lord Shiva, blessing him with a child. One day, to the astonishment and great joy of the seer, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, the divine trinity, appeared before him. They granted the boon saying that they will be born to him as his son, pleased with his piety.

Anasuya’s fame spread far and wide and it even reached the ears of the Goddesses Lakshmi, Saraswathi and Parvathi, thanks to the propagation by sage Narada. They in turn wanted to test the chastity power of Anasuya and gave groundnuts made of Iron to Narada and instructed him to get it boiled by Anasuya to prove her power of chastity. Anasuya did the bidding successfully without any pride or show. The goddesses sent their husbands to Anasuya to test her chastity again. Posing themselves as three ordinary hermits, the ‘Trinity’ went to the hermitage of sage Athri. As the sage had gone out, Anasuya received the three Rishis as guests and offered them food. At the time of eating, they informed their host that they would eat only if Anasuya served the food without any clothing on herself. Although initially upset by their unholy request, Anasuya got composed. With her divine power, the three samts were changed into three ‘new born’ babies, whom Anasuya fed with milk, affectionately as a mother. The babies slept happily there. Samt Athri was also happy to see the beautiful children and the entire ashram got into festivity. Anasuya attended on the three children with motherly care and she became very much attached towards them. One day the goddesses Lakshmi, Saraswathi and Parvathi came to the Ashram and Anasuya received them with due honors befitting them. From them, Anasuya learnt that the three infants were no other than the ‘Trinity’ – Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. They requested Anasuya to give back their husbands. Anasuya, although very much in remorse in getting separated from the children whom she nursed all along, released the Divinities graciously. They were pleased with Anasuya and granted her a boon that they would born as her son, as promised by them earlier to her husband. Anasuya delivered three children, who were the Moon, Durvasa and Dattatreya. Dattatreya, the true replica of the three Lords became a great Acharya and taught the world the Divine knowledge.

Divine Revelation

Dattatreya solicited his mother’s permission to go o Sahya Parvat. She stubbornly refused. She wanted hirn to surrender his body, if he was intent on leaving her. Immediately Dattatreya handed over his skin to her. At this moment, Anasuya got the vision of the infinite light of divinity immanent in her son, which made her to accede to his request. As an Yogeswara practicing meditation and yoga, he took his abode at the hilly ranges of Sahya Parvat. Sri Dattatreya got his enlightenment from 24 earthly sources and realized that the ‘physical self’ is illusory and the Ultimate Truth resides in the heart, the abode of the Almighty.

Jambasura’s episode

Once Jambasura, a demon invaded indraloka. As King Indra was losing the battle, he went to the hermitage of Sri Dattatreya at Sahya hills to seek his help. Dattatreya wanted hirn to bring Jambasura to his place. Lord Indra led Jambasura to Sahya hills by misleading hirn. Jambasura and the demons were infatuated with Anakadevi, a manifestation of Goddess Lakshmi who was with Sri Dattatreya and forgot their mission. At this opportunity, King Indra killed Jambasura and the demons.

Lord Brahma redeemed

Once Lord Brahma created avidya (attraction to physical form and indulgence in sensual pleasures) as a pastime and fell victim to it. He forgot the Vedas and became senile in mind. Lord Dattatreya redeemed hirn from this avidya.

Great teacher and illustrious disciples

The life of Dattatreya is füll of divine episodes. He was the Acharya (Teacher) of King Prahlada and taught hirn self-realisation. He initiated King Yadhu, founder of Yadhu dynasty into spiritual realm. He granted several boons to Kartaveeryarjuna. Samt Gnaneshwar was an ardent disciple of Sri Dattatreya, who wrote the master piece, ‘Bavartha Deepika’ by the grace of Sri Dattatreya. Eknath, another ardent disciple chewed the residue of the betel nut used by Sri Dattatreya, and became a great poet. Parasurama, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, got the initiation in ‘Sri Vidya Marg’ frorn Sri Dattatreya. After learning the Upasana (intense worship) of Goddess Shakti frorn Sri Dattatreya, Parasurama installed the idol of Goddess Kanyakurnari at Kanyakurnari (Cape Camorin) which is worshipped even today.


Om Digambaraya Vidmahe Yogaaroodaya Deemahi Thanno Datta Prachodayath

Ekakshari Mantra:

Om Thram Om

Shatakshary Mantra:

Om Kreem Hreem Kleem Kloum Thram

Shotasakshari Mantra:

Om, Aiyrn, Klam, Kleern, Kloorn, Hraarn

Hreem, Hrum, Sowhu, Dattatreyo Narnah : ||

Efficacy of Worship:

Worship Lord Dattatreya, to attain the following:

• For removal of fear and affliction due to seeing dead bodies, spirits, etc.

• To get protection against evil spells caused by enemies;

• To attain erudition, oratorical powers, prosperity, high position in life, attainment of Supreme Knowledge and heavenly bliss.

• To attract people and to get riches

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Vedic Astrology Glossary

Amala Yoga: lt is formed when a benefic occupies tenth house from Moon. The native is honored by the king, enjoys all fruits of life, is loved by his kinsmen, is benevolent and qualified.

Ashtakavarga: This is a method to find out whether a planet transiting through a particular house or sign will give favorable or unfavorable results.

According to this method, each planet and also the Ascendant, is capable of throwing beneficial dots on certain houses from its house of position. The number of such dots is different for each planet. For example, Sun has 48 beneficial dots, Moon 49, Mars 39, Mercury 54, Jupiter 56, Venus 52 and Saturn 39. Their total comes to 337.

Budhaditya Yoga: This combination is formed by the conjoining of Sun and Mercury. Mercury is the planet least affected by combustion, due to its nearness to Sun. Its maximum distance from Sun is 28°.

Native born with this combination becomes educated, beautiful and strong, but he is fickle-minded. When this combination takes place in the ascendant, native becomes learned, good orator and intelligent. This combination in the fourth house makes him possessed of good qualities, highly rich, plump with a slanted nose. In the seventh house, he does not accept advice from other people; he is not very rich, lacks sensual pleasure and takes to stealing. He dies in captivity or put to death. In the tenth house, this combination makes the native very famous and wealthy. But it should not fall in Libra or Pisces.

Chaturvimsamsa: Divisional chart (D-24) representing the area of academic achievements.

Dasamsa : Divisional chart (D-10) representing the area of Career and status.

Gaja Kesari Yoga : This is of two kinds: (i) when Jupiter is in a quadrant to Moon; (ii) when the three benefics Mercury, Jupiter and Venus aspect Moon and the aspecting planet is neither combust nor in its sign of debilitation. Native born with this combination will be wise, intelligent, qualified and king’s favorite.

 Kemadruma Yoga: lt is the same as Daridra yoga bringing poverty to the native. Association of Moon and Sun.

Precession: The zodiac is so moving that the initial point recedes from the fixed point 0° Aries by about 50″ every year. The calculation from the fixed point is called Nirayana, while from the moving point Sayan.

Sakata Yoga: lt is formed when Jupiter occupies sixth or eighth house from Moon. But this combination is nullified when Jupiter occupies a quadrant position from Ascendant.

Saptamsa : Divisional chart (D-7) representing the area of children.

Trik houses : Houses 6, 8, 12.

Vimshottari Dasa: The 120-year­long, nakshatra-based planetary forecasting system developed by Parasara.

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Jupiters Transit into Libra and it’s effects

Jupiter, a benefic par excellence, will always shower positive influence, if unafflicted. On the contrary, an afflicted Jupiter is not of much help in uplifting any native. Such Jupiter spoils every opportunity that comes on the way, by infusing an attitude of over-indulgence, lavish spending, dissolution, deceitfulness, hypocrisy and boast fullness. Jupiter rules over wisdom, traditional values, theistic beliefs, religion and the Judiciary. Lawyers, judges, preachers, teachers, bankers, merchants, prophets and physicians are under the influence of Jupiter. As dhanakaraka (significator of finance), it presides over financial institutions, external trade, commerce, shipping, hospitals, prison houses, asylums and philanthropic institutions. All the Karakatwas (significations) of Jupiter will be affected. The favorable or the unfavorable effects will depend on its dignity and the aspects it receives. In Mundane astrology, Jupiter’s influence is no less significant. Next to Saturn and Mars, Jupiter is potent enough to cause earthquakes and mining disasters, whenever afflicted in angular houses. In association with the Nodes, Jupiter will disturb religious peace and harmony. In quadrant to Mars and Saturn, it brings about serious financial, religious and educational problems. Business and commerce will decrease. Revenue shows a decline. People will be over­burdened by new taxes. Currencies of one or two major countries in the world may be devalued. Stock markets will crumble. Many regional banks will attract moratorium by Reserve Bank. The affairs of religious institutions will run into rough weather (Jupiter in quadrant to Saturn). Religious perversion will sweep the countries and serious disputes and problems will come to the fore. The world economy will be mismanaged. Extravagant and wasteful expenditure will further cripple it. Infectious diseases, piles, dropsy, gout, hepatitis, jaundice, heart diseases and diabetes will increase. Some unpleasant episodes related to hospitals, charities and prison houses will come to light. Some noted lawyers, jurists, religious heads and physicians may pass away or face assassination attempts. (Jupiter quadrant to Mars). Jupiter transiting Libra and World events India: Postal services, railway and traffic revenue will see some improvement. But the government will fall to check extravagant and wasteful expenditure. Some cooperative and urban banks will attract moratorium from the Reserve Bank of India. The condition and management of hospitals and prison houses will be improved. Religious and educational problems will mar peace in the country. Stock markets will tumble and will be panic-stricken.

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Astrology and Friendship

lt is a common knowledge that if you want to know about the nature and behavior of a person then judge him through his friends. You can’t choose your brothers, sisters, mother and father, etc., as they are all blood relations, but what you can choose is a friend that suits your nature. lt is common understanding that it you dislike your friend then your friendship too doesn’t last long. A friend is one you can rely on, share your views with and do lots more. You have faith in him, but many a times it is seen that friends also deceive and betray you and become your enemy.

Friends are seen through 11th house in the horoscope and the significators of friend is Mercury. Friends turn open enemies by the 7th house and secret enemies can be spotted by looking at the 12th house. At times, the 8th house too is viewed for hidden enemies as the 8th house signifies hidden things and sudden happenings. Secret plans are also foreseen by viewing this house.

For analyzing friendship compatibility, horoscopes of both friends are needed. The birth constellation, the ascendant, the moon and the significator of both friends in 1/5, 3/11, 4/10, 7/7, 5/9 positions are known as to be good for them. 2/12 position shows expenditure or loss of money through friends. 6/8 position shows enemity or disputes raised by giving or taking money from friends.

The lords of birth constellations for both charts should also be allies in the birth chart.

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Simple Lal Kitab Remedies

01 Float 1 dry coconut and 7 almonds in a flowing river.

02 No smoke of any kind in the house or business place i.e. no loban, no agarbatti. no cigarettes. You can light a diya of pure ghee in front of your religious pictures Noe to use blue and black colours (paint / vehicle / clothes etc.)

03 Keep 4 small pea size solid silver balls in your pocket / purse

04 Use pillow covers of red colour keep a small knife / toy pistol under your pillow.

05 Plant a Neon tree. Keep a glass of water on the head side of your bed at night and give that water to Neem tree in the morning. Take meals in the kitchen as far as possible

06 Put a copper pitcher, filled with jaggery and wheat in a flowing river

07 Put 12kg charcoal in a flowing river.

08 Keep a red painted small iron ball (pea size) in your pocket.

09 Punch a copper coin and wear it around the neck in a khaki thread

10 Worship Durga and give green clothes to young girls.

11 Take five copper coins Punch a coin with the help of a nail and hammer and then put the coin in the flowing river / sea. Do it for five days. Try to keep the same timings, if possible.

12 Get your left nostril pierced with a silver wire / in needle. Keep the silver wire in the nostril for 5 days remove it and put it in the river

13 Find a Banayan (Bargad) tree Put a small quantity of unboiled sugared milk on the tree. Put a tilakam of the soil wet by milk on the forehead. Continue this for minimum 43 days

14 Put 6 bottles of same volume, filled with mustard oil in a nallah carrying dirty water.

15 Not to live in South facing house If at all difficult to leave, put a silver strip long enough to cover door length, under the main entrance Plant long trees in South and West directions

16 Put 4 quarters of wine / alcohol in a river after opening the caps, throw bottles and caps also in the | river.

17 The first thing to do is to visit Lord Ganpathi for j ten days at a stretch and offer him a Laddoo (modkam) daily. Bow before him and beg to be pardoned for the known and unknown evil deeds done by you.

18 Give part of your food to cows, dogs and crows ! regularly.

19 Take nine identical silver strips of equal size and weight Bury these strips in the bark of Neem Tree

20 Feed a mix of food grams of 7 types to the birds, daily.

| 21 Wear Indian Coral stone in silver, in right hand’s third finger on Tuesday morning after reciting Hanuman chalisa and distributing sweet prasad

22 For males: Wear a silver bracelet in the right hand For females Wear four pure silver bangles, red coloured, in left hand.

23 Donate sweets / jaggery on Tuesdays in Hanuman temple

24 Keep honey near your bed. First thing in the morning to be done is to apply a drop of honey on the tongue, even without brushing your teeth

25 Before cooking chapatis etc., sprinkle water on hot tava as done before preparing dosa

26 Put a mixture of small quantity of sindhur and honey in a flowing river, for 27 Tuesdays or starting from any Tuesday do it for 27 continious days.

27 Take Saraswat-Ansht syrup regularly.

28 Wear pearl in silver, in right hand’s smallest finger on Monday morning after reciting Om Namah
Shivay I08 times.

29.  Always consult others while taking importantdecisions Visit Shiva Tirth once a year Recite “Om Namah Shivaye” daily.

30.  Wear a ring made by iron of Horse Shoe. Donate mustard oil every Saturday.

31 Mix 24 handfuls each of black and white tils Throw one handful of the mixture on a kuchcha road daily for 48 days continuously

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The Elements of Feng Shui

Chi energy

Oriental medicine and philosophy are based on the premise that along with all the physical aspects of our world there is a movement of a subtle flow of energy. In China this energy is called Chi.

 Chi energy flows through our bodies in much the same way as blood, but while your blood carries oxygen and nutrients, Chi energy carries your thoughts, ideas, emotions and dreams. lt is important to realize that your thoughts and emotions affect the quality of your Chi energy, and, as the Chi energy directly affects each of your cells, this can affect you physically. Equally, the quality of your cells influences the Chi energy flowing through them, and this in turn influences your thoughts. Typically, Chi energy extends 10 centimeters to 1 meter outside your skin and mixes with the surrounding Chi energy. This makes your own Chi energy easy to influence.

 Every building has its own unique movement of Chi, which determines the atmosphere of a place. Wherever you are, your own flow of Chi energy is constantly being influenced by your surroundings. Other people’s Chi energy can also affect your own, along with the Chi energy of the surrounding land, and the type of Chi energy created by the weather. Feng Shui is primarily concerned with what we can do with in a building to help the occupants’ Chi energy flow in a way that will bring better physical and emotional health. From a much broader perspective, Chi energy flows not only throughout our planet, but through the solar system and galaxy. Our own planet generates a large movement of Chi. At the same time the surrounding planets radiate energy, which travels towards and into the Earth. Therefore, the Earth arid surrounding planets have the ability to influence our own Chi energy. As the position of the Earth, sun and planets changes, so does the way in which Chi energy moves. Nine Ki astrology is the art of understanding these large-scale movements of Chi energy and predicting their effect on a particular person’s energy.

 Chi energy moves in the same way as wind and water. Visualize fast flowing water passing a sharp point. As it passes the point, the water begins to swirl. The flow of Chi energy is exactly the same. lt swirls around as it passes a protruding corner in a room. This swirling energy is called cutting Chi. Placing yourself within this swirling spiral of energy will tend to make your own energy swirl around, causing you to fee! disorientated. If you were exposed over a period of time, for example if you were sleeping in front of such a corner, the constant immersion in swirling energy could eventually !lead to iii health. Doors, windows, stairs, the shape of a building, the local landscape and the direction a building faces will all influence the way that Chi moves around your home.

 Part of a Feng Shui practitioner’s job is to identify how these features are affecting the flow of Chi within a building and find ways to create a more harmonious flow. Often, some areas of the home will be experiencing fast, turbulent energy, while others are stagnant. Feng Shui aims to create a situation where there is a harmonious flow throughout the home. By enhancing the flow of Chi energy in your own home, you can make positive changes to yourself, which in turn !lead to a greater ability to realize your own dreams

 Yin and Yang

The YeIIow Emperor’s Classic of internal Medicine tells us that by 2600Bc the Chinese people already had great interest in the subjective effects of their environment. lt describes how they had evolved the concept of a pair of interactive polarities present throughout nature, which they termed yin and yang. Nothing was seen to be absolutely yin or yang, but simply more yin or more yang when compared to something else. For example, resting is a more yin state than working, but more yang when compared to sleeping.

 In the morning people are naturally more active and alert, a more yang characteristic than resting. in contrast, during the afternoon, people generally feel more mentality orientated, physically passive and sometimes even sleepy, which is a more yin characteristic. The classic definition of yin and yang is the shady and sunny side of the mountain, the sunny side being yang. Similarly, the sunny side of your home is considered to be more yang, whereas the shady side is more yin.

 When the sun is up, the southern side of a home is constantly being refreshed by the sun’s energy (in the northern hemisphere). People in this side of the home will benefit from this Chi energy. So if you want to have more energy, to be active and inspired, place yourself in a part of your home that benefits from the sunlight. Here you will feel you can do more with less effort. The same principles can be applied to every aspect of our lives, from food to exercise.

 The idea of balance is fundamental to yin and yang thinking. Everything naturally strives towards balance. However, to be more balanced may require unhealthy extremes of either yin or yang. For example, a long period of severe stress, which is more yang, might be balanced by a nervous breakdown, which is more yin. Lots of fruits, salads and drinks, which are more yin, will create a craving for salty, savory foods, which are more yang. This constant flow can be seen throughout our natural environment. The day (yang) changes to night (yin). After we rest (yin) we go to work (yang).

 People can also be more yin or yang. A more yin person tends to be relaxed, physically supple, sensitive, creative and imaginative. However, if this person is too yin they could become lethargic, slow and depressed. The opposite is true of someone more yang. A more yang person tends to be alert, quick, more physically active, able to concentrate and pay attention to detail. But if the person becomes too yang they would become tense, irritable, angry or physically stiff. Often a health problem can be attributed to an extreme of yin or yang. With a simple understanding of yin and yang one can easily tailor one’s diet, exercise and lifestyle to one’s own individual needs.

 In terms of a house, buildings that have straight lines and sharp corners and are very angular are more yang than those that are more rounded, irregular and curved. You can make your home more yin by adding soft surfaces such as tapestries, big cushions and long curtains. In contrast, tiles, metal surfaces and glass create a more yang atmosphere. Colors also have a great influence. Bright, strong, stimulating colors make us feel more yang, whereas soft, relaxing colors make us more yin.

 So, each person has more yin or yang characteristics and our environment has the ability to make us more yin or more yang. The idea is that if you can recognize whether you are too yin or too yang, you can then decide if you need to become more yin or more yang in order to feel more balanced. Once you know this, you can change your environment in a way that helps you.

 The five elements

There are five different types of Chi energy, and each type is associated with one of the Chinese elements of fire, soil, metal, water or tree. Each element is further identified with one of five seasons of the year, the additional season being early autumn. To discover the characteristics of each type of Chi energy, think of the atmosphere at that time of year.

 For example, imagine looking at a tree as the sun rises on a spring day (tree). The overriding feeling is of energy moving up. Contrast this with watching a beautiful sunset reflecting off metal railway tracks in the autumn (metal). The feeling is of Chi moving inwards and becoming solid. Take yourself to the middle of a bright, hot, summer day (fire). Now the Chi energy feels as though lt is expanding, radiating heat. Next jump to the opposite (water): a freezing, foggy mid-winter night. Everything is quiet and still. Finally, think of an early autumn afternoon. Imagine soil beneath your feet: heavy, solid and substantial. These are the qualities associated with soil Chi.

 The quality of Chi energy in your home will vary through the day as the sun moves through different phases. In the morning the part of your home facing east, where the sun rises, will soak up the upward Chi energy (tree). As the day progresses, the sun will move to the south and charge up the southern part of your home with fire Chi energy, and so on until finally, during the night, the north benefits from water Chi energy. Soil Chi energy is associated with the centre of your home.

 Think about your home and how each room is affected by the movement of the sun. This will help you decide which activities are best suited to which parts of your home. Generally, the east is ideal for activities that require more ‘up’ energy. The south, fire energy, is better for parties and social events. The more settled energy of the south-west and centre makes this a better place for practical projects. The west of your home is a romantic place to relax and conclude your day. The north, being winter and night, is an obvious place to sleep. Fire supports soil, which supports metal which in turn supports water, which supports tree. Tree supports fire, and so we return to the beginning of the cycle. If, however, the cycle is broken and one of the elements is missing, the influence of the preceding energy becomes destructive. Hence fire can have a destructive effect on metal, metal can have a destructive effect on tree, tree can have a destructive effect on soil, Soil can have a destructive effect on water, and water can have a destructive effect on fire.

 In Feng Shui both the supportive and destructive cycles can be used to help balance energy. Actual water, fire or metal are used to encourage changes in the movement of Chi energy. For example, lt is considered auspi­cious to have water to the east of your home. This places water in a direction that relates to the tree element. The water Chi energy supports tree Chi energy. Therefore water to the east will enhance the energy found in the east. The support cycle can also be used to calm Chi energy. If there is too much Chi in the south-west, which is associated with soil, placing something made of metal in this location will absorb some of the soil Chi energy, as soil supports metal.


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Finding a Consultant for Feng Shui

Presently there are no recognized qualifications or training courses for Feng Shul consultants. This means that you have to ask the right questions to find the Feng Shui practitioner that best suits your needs. Experience can vary from a few weekend courses to more than 40 years’ work.

 The following list will help you to find the best practitioner for your requirements:-

 1) Find out how they learnt Feng Shui. Due to the lack of Feng Shui courses, practitioners may have studied some form of oriental medicine such as acupuncture, shiatsu or Chinese herbal medicine. They will often be a member of their appropriate professional association. lt is more common now for people with an interior design background to become involved in Feng Shui. Find out how long they have been working as a Feng Shui practitioner and what type of clients they have worked with.

2) If you have a preference for a certain style of Feng Shui ask what type of Feng Shui they practise.

3) Find out what is included in the consultation. Are Nine Ki astrology, dates for implementing recommendations, or rituals to change the flow of energy included in your consultation?

4) Ask about fees. Some practitioners may be able to give you a fixed fee, others will charge by the hour. Be clear about what this includes. Does the fee cover a written report, travel time, travelling expenses and ongoing advice after the consultation?

5) Find out how long the practitioner intends to spend with you. Typical consultations range from one to two hours.

6) If you feel unsure, ask if you can contact his or her clients for references.

 You will get the most out of a consultation if you trust and can communicate with the practitioner. If you make an appointment by telephone, always talk to the practitioner in person.

 What to Expect from a Feng Shui Consultation

 There is no standard Feng Shui consultation and each practitioner will have his or her own style. This varies from a visit and verbal advice, to a visit with a comprehensive written report. Some practitioners carry out rituals to change the flow of energy. lt is also possible to have a consultation by post.

 A typical Compass School practitioner might visit the building and meet the occupants. He will find out their dates of birth, when they moved to the building and where from. This enables him to make up their Nine Ki chart and calculate the direction in which they moved to this building. He might ask how their lives have changed since they moved to the building and find out what they want to achieve from their Feng Shui consultation.

 He will measure the building and make floor plans, taking compass readings and marking them on the plans. He may discuss the various options in terms of Feng Shui solutions to get an idea of what changes are realistic. If appropriate he may walk around the property and note any important features, paying attention to the neighborhood, surrounding buildings and local landscape.

 After the consultation he will draw out the plans and lay the grid of the eight directions over each floor of the building. He will check to see if there is any water dose to the building. Then work on solutions and the best dates to implement them. A complete written report and drawings with solutions and dates to implement them should be sent to the clients. Most practitioners are happy to talk on the telephone if any further explanations, or help in implementing the recommendations is needed.

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What is Feng Shui?

What is Feng Shui?

 Feng Shui has been practiced throughout China, Japan and Hong Kong over many centuries. Over time, different schools of Feng Shui have developed. There are four styles popular in the West. They are The Japanese Compass Method, The Eight Houses, The Flying Star School and the Form School. The Japanese Compass Method, The Eight Houses and The Flying Star School all use a compass as the basis for deciding how the energy in each part of a building will influence the occupants. The form school uses the shape of the landscape to orientate the Feng Shui energies. These different approaches are often combined together.

 The Compass Method

This method uses a compass to determine the location of eight different areas, each of which experiences a particular type of energy. The features of the house, the function of rooms and the shape of the house are examined to determine their influence on the home according to the direction in which they Iie. Nine Ki astrology is used to determine and understand the influence of the date and direction of the occupant’s move to this building, and to establish the ideal time to implement changes to the building or the occupants’ lives. The occupants’ own Nine Ki charts will also influence the recommendations made for their home.

 The Eight House Method

This System combines the position of the front of the building with its compass bearing to determine the nature of eight segments, known as houses, within the building. The occupants’ own birth dates then determine the suitability of the whole house and of each of the eight houses within the building for the occupants.

 The Flying Star Method

With this school the position of the front of the building, with its compass bearing, is used to orientate a chart onto which the building’s own birth chart is superimposed. The features of the building and the surrounding landscape are then examined, and their effect an the building’s birth chart calculated. In addition, at the beginning of each year, the Nine Ki chart of that year can also be superimposed over the building’s chart to provide insights into possible problems that may arise in the coming year.

 The Form School

With this method a compass is not used at all. The shapes and form of the surrounding area are represented by the classic phoenix, dragon, turtle and tiger, which then provide information an how energy flows through a building. This book concentrates an the Japanese Compass Method, along with a basic introduction to the Nine Ki astrology that goes with lt.

 The History of Feng Shui 

There are many theories about when and how Feng Shui began. One of them involves the ancient civilizations that grew up along the banks of the River Lo in China. This area was plagued with destructive floods, which ruined the agriculture and buildings. Around 4000Bc, a man named Fu Hsi made improvements to the river banks that prevented further flooding. He became emperor and the area began to prosper. The area that enjoyed the greatest success was located with the river to the east and protected from the north-east winds. Feng Shui literally translates as Wind Water. One day, whilst meditating on the banks of the River Lo, Fu Hsi saw a turtle climb out of the water. To the Chinese the turtle is a symbol of life-long happiness and has great spiritual significance. Fu 1-Isi was amazed to notice a pattern of black and white dots on the turtle’s shell. These dots were arranged in groups of between one and nine, and were laid out in such a way that whenever they were added together, whether vertically, horizontally or diagonally, they always added up to 15. Today, this is known as the magic square, and is fundamental to many forms of Feng Shui.


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Planetary Combinations to avoid for a Happy Married Life

There are many combinations suggesting unhappy unions and if any of these rules at the same time of union and conception, unhappy events are likely results and as such, as far as, practicable, these should be avoided.

If a girl conceives in her 16th year and also gives birth to a child in her same year, death of the husband is likely. Even when a girl either only conceives or gives birth to a child in her 16th year, misfortune to either of the couple or to the child may be witnessed.

If a girl conceives in her 16th year and also gives birth to a child in the same year, the death of the girl or of her child or both is likely.

If at the time of union, lagna is afflicted and also mars is in the 7th house of the sun, the male partner will fall ill. If at the same time of union lagna is afflicted and Saturn is in the 7th house of the sun, similar result will be forth-coming.

If Mars or Saturn is in the 7th house from the moon and the lagna is also afflicted at the time of union, the female partner will witness ill-health and disease.

If at the time of union, lagna is aspected by the Moon and Mars without conjunction or aspect of any benefice planet and malefic planets are in 12th house from the lagna, they result into death of female partner if she conceives.

If at the time of conception lagna ruling at the time is conjoined with Saturn and is in opposition to the moon and if Mars also aspects the lagna , the woman will die.

If at the time of conception, both lagna and the moon are hemmed in between malefics and are not aspected by any benefice, the woman dies.

If the malefic planet joins 4th house, Mars joins 8th house, the Sun is in he 12th and the Moon is waning, the conception results into death of the woman.

If malefic is in the 4th house from lagna or the Moon Mars is in the 8th house from the Moon, the Sun is in the 12h house from lagna and the Moon is waning, the conception also results into the death of the woman.

If Mars is in the lagna in opposition to the Sun and lord of the lagna of union is afflicted, the conception results into the death of the female.

If at the time of union Meena(Pisces) lagna rises and is afflicted by conjunction or aspect of Mars and Saturn and also Moon is in opposition to lagna i.e. Virgo, conception will result into birth of a child with defective limbs.

If at the time of union, Simha lagna rises and both the sun and the moon are either aspected by or conjoined by with Mars and Saturn birth of a child is likely with defective hearing.

If at the time of conception, the sun and the Moon are in Karka rashi (Cancer sign) and last navamsa of Capricorn Ascendent rises, and if the same is aspected by Saturn, birth of a dwarf is likely. If at the time of conception, lagna is conjoined with benefices, the woman is likely to have safe delivery of child. When the same is influenced by both benefices and malefics, the delivery will be with trouble but both the woman and child will survive. If malefic influences are stronger than the benefice, either the mother or child or both may die. Similarly, when at the time of conception Moon is conjoined with benefics, the delivery will be safe.

When benefics are in the 2nd , 4th , 5th, 7th, 9th and 10th house at the time of conception, safe delivery is suggested. If at the time of union, lagna rises in navamsa of Saturn and if the same in opposition to Saturn, the conception may result into delayed and troubled delivery.

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Combinations For Two Marriages

Following are some of the combinations which indicate two or more marriages. Almost all astrological books have dealt with the Seventh house exhaustively. But to predict the nature and marriage is one of the toughest jobs in astrology. It is really difficult to predict two wives or two marriages, even though rules are likewise.

(1)Venus in cancer and the Moon in the 7th. 

(2) The weak Moon in the 7th or the 12th. 

(3) Mercury in Taurus which coincides with the 7th. 

(4) Retrograde Jupiter in the 7th with Mars and one of them in debilitation . 

(5) Venus in Vruschika ( Scorpio) coinciding with 7th. 

(6) Venus, Saturn, the Moon and Mars in the 7th. 

(7) Venus and Saturn with lords of the 5th and the 8th in the 7th. 

(8) Rahu in the seventh. 

(9) Lord of the 7th in the association with Mercury, the Moon, Jupiter and Venus. 

(10) Malefic in the 2nd and the 7th and Venus and the lord of the 2nd and the 7th associated with or aspected by malefics. 

(11) The 9th lord in the 7th and the 7th lord associated with or aspected by the 4th and the 11th lords. 

(12)The 7th lord in the 6th or the 12th and Venus in debilitation. 

(13) Saturn and Rahu in the 7th and not aspected by benefics. 

(14) Virgo as Ascendant and the 7th lord associated with the Sun-Venus aspected by Saturn and Rahu (in the third ). 

(15) Sun, Mercury and Venus in the 11th. 

(16) Gemini as Ascendant and the 7th lord in the 8th with Ketu. 

(17) Scorpio as Ascendant, the 7th lord in debilitation and Ketu in the 3rd. 

(18) Rahu in Cancer ascendant and Saturn in the 12th. 

(19) Malefics in the 2nd and the 7th and aspected by malefics. 

(20) Saturn in the 2nd, Rahu in the 9th, the 7th lord and a malefic in the 3rd.

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