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Welcome to horomatching.com's online horoscope matching service. Marriage is one of the most crucial turning points in the life of an individual. Astrology plays a very important role in all aspects of life especially in matrimony.

Horoscope Matching or Jathaka Porutham is an amazing technique which vedic indian astrology has supplied mankind to help select the correct marriage partner. Before getting married and entering into a marital relationship the process of matching of horoscopes of the bride and groom are performed by an expert astrologer (mostly family astrolgers) and this is known in north india as kundli matching or gun milan. It is believed that a proper marriage matching ensures long and happy married life

Horoscope matching for marriage is an indespensable and important system of indian astrology which is very useful for relationship analysis given the high rate of divorce everywhere. Astrology predicts that a married life will be long, happy and prosperous only if the horoscope compatibility of the partners are in agreement. To avoid discord and to ensure a happy married life many factors are to be considered such as longevity, physical fitness, mutual attraction, sexual compatibility, heredity, social and economic status are some of the things that are to be examined and assessed. Proper marriage matching ensures this purpose. Kerala known as the cradle of Indian astrology is known for it's unique system of predictions from time immemorial. Each region in India places more emphasis on certain points while matching horoscopes for marriage. In kerala system and with malayalam horoscope matching, more stress is given to star matching / nakshatra porutham (with more importance to rajju, vedha, stree deergha and rasi porutham), papa samya and dasha sandhi checking. While the star matching is concerned only with the physical and psychological compatibility of the couples ,the other two are concerned with the health ,longevity and the survival of the very union, which is more relevant and important in our cultural background unlike the modern system of 'living together' or 'long term relationship'. Marriage Matching as with all things in indian astrology should be looked at as a whole and not just one aspect. Just looking at star matching or nakshatra porutham points or looking at dasha sandhi dosha alone is not enough. This is proved these days in which marriages conducted with just star matching points ended up being a disaster. A third of the people on the planet will have good star matching, but obviously not many of these can be realistic marriage prospects.

Horoscope match should not be taken as a form of fatalism. Horoscopes only forewarns about potential difficulties. It is up to us to work with these in good or bad, constructive or harmful ways. horoscope compatibility can also teach us how to adjust our lives for possible relationship difficulties, which to some extent occurs for everyone. It can help us understand our personal strengths and weaknesses in relating to others, so that we are likely to approach marital relationships with greater wisdom, flexibility and understanding of others. Like a weather forecast, if it predicts rain, you bring in an umbrella, you do not need to lock yourself inside the house in order not to get wet. So too, if there is relationship hurdle in life one can do remedial measures such as chanting mantras, performing poojas etc to bring in relief to a certain extent. But here too it is the sincereity of the heart that matters.

horoscope matching These days many non-hindus also find the benfits of indian astrology, including it's comatibility methods. Astrology shows us our prarabhda karmas and ways to improve or overcome them. It doesn't make us as slave of our karmas or inhibit our efforts to grow in life. indian horoscope compatibility is one such system which shows us ways to lessen the karmic influences on our life and show us path to liberation.

With the scarcity of expert astrologers to consult, in recent times, matching of horoscopes have become a major issue for families. Added to this fact is some unfair demands by a few professional astrologers. To add to the woes, advice from immature, fraudulent and inexperienced Jyotishi's have ruined couples marital life and have landed them in the scalding sea of matrimony. Now-a-days, some astrologers use marriage matching as an instrument to make money, influence or frighten clients, much like lawyers do with divorce cases.

Horomatching.com uses a scientific model of compatibility using the best available technology combined with the modern compatiblity techniques drawn from various ancient astrology classics such as Jatakadesham, prasna marga, kaladeepakam, madhaveeyam etc. Although Horomatching.com follows the kerala tradition of horoscope compatibilty, it can be equally used in other south indian states.  Using this online software, jathaga porutham for marriages of brides and grooms can be done very easily and effectively. Nakshatra porutham, Grahadosha Samya (Papasamya), Chova dosha (Kuja dosha) and Dasha Sandhi are analyzed in detail. For each of the 10 poruthams checked the ratings are told in percentage basic, so that common man can easily understand how much goodness is there. Papasamya is calculated based on specific dosha moolya (points) based on their relative positions in the horoscope. Chova dosham is calculated based on the prescribed rules. Dasha sandhi dosha is calculated in detail. Each of these check results are graded as Bad, Average, Neutral, Good and Very Good based on their compatibility logic. Final results is summarized and marriage recommendation is also provided for decision making. Online horoscope compatibilty is now available in malayalam, tamil and english.

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