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mido replica has added three new models to its Bubble collection at the end of 2015. These are Bubble Sphere 2, Bubble Drop, and Bubble Paiste.

The Bubble was conceived by the late Severin Wonderman who drew inspiration from a deep-sea diving watch that was developed in the 1960s. This iconic model featured a large domed crystal that was designed to withstand the pressures of the ocean.

Since the introduction of the first Bubble wristwatch,mido replica the line of modern wristwatches with large sapphire crystals has become a hit among watch enthusiasts around the globe. mido replica is celebrating the 15th anniversary with these three new models.

The original Bubble is 44mm wide, which for the time was a fairly large watch. It was also distinguished by a very unusual design. These newcomers, though wider than the iconic model, are still much wider. Each of them has a 47mm case that is 18.8mm thick, 8mm of which comes from the sapphire.

mido replica designers selected "Op-art", (optical art) dials, for two new models. These clever patterns create a sense of motion, depth and shadow. The two new designs were created in collaboration with industrial designer Nicolas Le Moigne who recreated new motifs inspired from Op Art principles.Rolex GMT-Master II Replica Bubble Sphere 2 is the first model (ref. The first model is Bubble Sphere 2 (ref. The entire PVD coating on L082/02848 is brown.

Paiste, a renowned cymbal maker, has partnered up with mido replica to create a third new model. Paiste was commissioned to design a dial unique to the mido replica Bubble Paiste Special Edition Timepiece (ref. L110/02871). The dial of this watch is a miniature cymbal, made by Paiste exactly the same as a full size cymbal.